Mostly Synchronous Seminar

Mostly Synchronous Seminar


See how you might hold a mostly synchronous seminar course by watching the video below, and learn about what tools and techniques you can use as an instructor.

Based on course tour of ENG2507

Instructor practices:

  • Synchronous, interactive discussion

Recommended for:

  • When students’ internet access is known (e.g., from beginning-of-semester surveys), and flexible asynchronous access is possible (e.g., with recordings, static slides, and/or transcripts)

Not recommended for:

  • Large enrollment courses
  • Courses with students in multiple time zones

Featured Tools

Online Meetings (Zoom)

Online Meetings


Students choose to participate with video on or off depending on their level of comfort and internet connection.

Discussions are recorded for students who unexpectedly missed synchronous sessions. Prior to making this instructional choice, Adriana verified that all students expected to be able to attend synchronous meetings.

Assignments in UVACollab

Assignments in Collab


Students upload work, and instructor uploads feedback.

Annotations in UVACollab



Students respond to specific parts of texts and can reply to each other. Adriana used these comments to frame conversations in the synchronous meetings.

Resources in UVACollab

Resources in Collab


Adriana used the Resources folder to house detailed assignment descriptions, course documents, links to multimedia (e.g., films through the library), and samples of previous students’ work. She would refer to specific examples to assist current students with formatting, citations, and other assignment details.

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