breakout rooms

Building Community

Charlotte Matthews is an Associate Professor in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She has many years of experience teaching online in the School's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program and discovered what works and doesn't work for her during that time. Charlotte shares a few ways that you can try to build community in your synchronous online courses.

How do I record what happens in Breakout Rooms?

All breakout rooms are not automatically recorded along with the main Zoom meeting room. The recording will follow the instructor so that if they join a breakout room, that room will also be recorded. 

If you would like to have recordings of all breakout room sessions, you can designate one person in each breakout room to record locally (to their computer). Those designated recorders can then share that file with the instructor after the meeting.

Discussion Courses and Sections

Seminar classes—typically relatively small, discussion-based classes—have a number of advantages for student learning. As you think about the best way to transition your course online, consider your primary course goals.

Inclusive Virtual Teaching

The current pandemic offers both opportunities and challenges for instructors committed to equitable, inclusive teaching. These strategies offer a few concrete and creative ways to intentionally amplify human connection, acknowledge varied and divergent experiences, and mindfully mitigate the negative impact of diminished bandwidth.