How do I pre-assign breakout rooms?

This is possible, but a fairly involved procedure. If you don't feel confident in Zoom, Collab, and using Spreadsheets it might be best to make an appointment for a consultant to help you through the process (email

Video instructions for those who want to try on their own are here:

For best experience with pre-assigning Breakout Rooms, ensure the following:

  1. The students must have created a UVA Zoom account before the meeting. Students can create their accounts by following the steps on the UVA Zoom home page.

  2. The students must have installed the Zoom app on their computer (PC, Mac, or Linux) or mobile device (Android or iOS) before the meeting. Here's the page to download the Zoom app.

  3. When the students access the meeting, they must open the meeting in the Zoom app on their computer/device and log into Zoom. Whether or not they have a Zoom account, if they choose the join from browser option when accessing the meeting, they will be considered "guests" in the meeting, and Zoom will not recognize their account.