How do I record a lecture using Kaltura?

You have a few options on how to record and distribute your lecture via Kaltura: 

  1. Record a video however you like, and upload it via “My Media” or “Media Gallery” for students to use. 

  2. Use the “Personal Capture” function to record your webcam, voice, and/or screen, for an interactive screencast (requires a download of the Kaltura Desktop Recorder, and occasional updates) 

  3. Videos saved in My Media can be made available to students across multiple sites


How do I record what happens in Breakout Rooms?

All breakout rooms are not automatically recorded along with the main Zoom meeting room. The recording will follow the instructor so that if they join a breakout room, that room will also be recorded. 

If you would like to have recordings of all breakout room sessions, you can designate one person in each breakout room to record locally (to their computer). Those designated recorders can then share that file with the instructor after the meeting.

When I record to my Personal Meeting Room in Zoom, where do the links go?

  • When you record a meeting in personal meeting room (whether from inside Collab, or from your desktop if you have the desktop app downloaded), your recordings do not go to the Online Meetings “Cloud Recordings”.>

  • You should receive links in your email when the video has uploaded to, and you can share the second link with students. There will be two links: the first is for you, only, as the author to edit the video. You can use it to trim beginning/end of the video, and change some other small settings; the second link is for the students.